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The Vine is an Evangelical, Non-Denominational church, offering a safe place to explore ultimate questions, connect with God, form new friendships, and experience spiritual healing.

The Mission of The Vine Church of Petaluma is to:

Lead people to saving faith in Jesus Christ,

Gather people to experience a Spirit-transformed life,

Worship God,

and Involve people to serve the community

A New Church in Petaluma

The Vine is a new church in Petaluma, holding its first worship service Sunday, January 8, 2012. This new church offers a safe place to explore ultimate questions, connect with God, form new friendships, and experience spiritual healing. The Vine designed its services for all who seek God, but especially for those who are hurting and seek answers to life’s difficult questions – people facing trials, tension or transition.

Rev Dave Weidlich

Pastor Dave Weidlich

Founding pastor, Dave Weidlich, provides the reason for starting a new church in Petaluma: “We are constantly pressed by bad news of unemployment, political conflict and threats of war. Many of us have been hit personally with financial setbacks, health crises and relational stress. These events awaken the need for spiritual connections with others. We need the assurance that there is a guiding force working for our good. We want to focus on connecting with God and lessen the distractions that often seep into churches such as denominational politics, maintaining buildings and programs, filling committee positions and raising funds. We want to bring people together who hunger for God – helping them find the love of God, and then to live in loving ways.”


Dave Weidlich is a ten-year resident of Petaluma and has served Presbyterian churches in Sacramento, Portland, Oregon and Petaluma. The Vine is not affiliated with a denomination, but is actively supportive of other houses of worship in Petaluma. Like the Apostle Paul, who worked as a tent-maker, Dave supplements his income through his business, Advanced Dry Carpet Care.

The Vine meets in an office building near Petaluma’s auto row – 1129 Industrial Avenue, Suite 208. Worship services feature music, Bible teaching applied to contemporary life and occasional meals.

Call us at 707-256-8463 or connect by email.

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4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I want to expand the mission. Salvation, sozo in the Greek, involves so much more than bringing people to a saving faith in Christ, which is just the start of the journey. It also involves a substantial healing in all parts of our lives, it involves a cleansing in our lives – which we often call holiness, it involves the glorification of our bodies, which embarks us on the final aspect of eternal life which begins when we accept Christ as our Savior. Most important, it helps us enjoy God forever, especially through the arts and sciences, the culture which mankind made in the image of God can produce, and can produce better when lives are brought under the Lordship of Christ. I am not sure exactly how to say all this in a compact statement, but I strongly feel we need to make the attempt, since I think such an approach, if done right, will help in attracting the unchurched, as well as those who are otherwise dissatisfied with the churches as they currently find them.

  2. Rudy. good points. Salvation is a jam-packed word. getting it all succinctly into a memorize-able mission statement is the supreme challenge. Maybe we elaborate more in our Statement of Faith.

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