Who Is This Man? Humble

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Humility is an admired character trait, but it was not always that way.

humilityIn Jesus’ day, humble meant poor. A humble person was a weak person. That someone would volunteer for the path of humility was ridiculous.

But, that’s the path Jesus took. Beginning with his humble birth in a feed trough, protected by a cave-like shelter, Jesus spent his life serving the people He created. He healed, taught, washed feet and submitted to a humiliating death by execution. It should not be surprising that many ridicule Jesus – throughout the centuries and today. What would a lowly victim like Jesus have to offer us winners? I wonder about this myself. Sometimes, when I am on my hands and knees attempting to remove a spot from a customer’s pet, I wonder if I am on the right path.

For those who follow Jesus Christ, he offers the words and way of life – abundant and everlasting. We learn that when we put others first, our own needs are met in a better way than if we had insisted on going first. If we humble ourselves, God will exalt us.
Many who do not follow Jesus Christ, still find humility an admirable trait. Jim Collins, who wrote the book, Good to Great, discovered that one of the character traits of the most successful leaders in business is humility. They’re able to put the needs of their customers, stockholders and workers ahead of their own needs. They are content to be overlooked while others get the credit. For Christians and non-Christians, Jesus changed the way we look at humility. We even celebrate his humble birth!

Please join us Sunday and we’ll sit at Jesus’ feet, learning from the Master, the way of humility. We will celebrate his birth, singing familiar Christmas Carols, praying together and devoting ourselves to God’s Word.

Each week, we are challenged to meditate on one verse every day. For this week, it’s this one on the Learning – we are loving God with our mind when we pursue truth through the study of Scripture and Nature.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” – Matthew 22:37

How about taking a few moments now to mull those words over in your mind. Exercise your mind. Ask yourself, “how am I using my mind to honor and love God?”

With love,

Pastor Dave Weidlich

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